Esther Nagle

Practice Makes Progress

in just 15 minutes a day, for 30 days, you could release stiffness and tension, and increase flexibility in your body, and create space and peace in your mind. Join me for a 30 Day adventure in Yoga

Esther Nagle
£10.00 first payment, £19.99 / month onwards

Beginners Yoga Club

If you want to learn yoga, or to develop your home Yoga practice, then Beginners Yoga Club is the perfect place for you. With a range of classes and courses there is something here for everyone!

Esther Nagle

Basics of sitting and breathing

Esther Nagle

Breathe in a New You

Discover the transformative power of learning good breathing with this 4 week course

Esther Nagle

Beginners Yoga Club one to one upgrade

Work one to one with me to improve your practice, deepen your understanding, or work with particular issues you might be facing.

Esther Nagle

10 sessions Beginners Yoga Club one to one upgrade

Go deep and fully commit to your yoga practice with a 10 week block booking. Valid for 4 months, these 60 minute session will allow you to go deep into your practice and gain a powerful understanding of the role Yoga can play in your life